How to Install an Anderson Sliding Door

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How to Dispose of Nitric Acid

Nitric acid is a highly toxic and corrosive acid that has an important role in a plethora of industries such as plastics manufacturing, textile and fertilizing industries. "Aqua fortis" and "aqua valens" are additional terminologies for nitric acid, meaning "strong water" and "spirit of fire," respe

Do It Yourself Fusion Paper Countertop

Fusion paper offers environemental protection enthusiasts with a new opportunity for green living. Advances in technology allow recycled paper made from various original materials to be fused together along with durable materials such as bamboo to form a resilient surface that withstands kitchen act

How to Remove the Battery Compartment Door on a Canon 40D

The Canon EOS 40D is a high-speed digital SLR camera. The 40D uses a rechargeable battery pack that can be removed and replaced from the battery compartment. If the battery compartment door becomes damaged, you may need to remove it and replace it with a newdoor. The battery compartment door can be

What Causes the Kitchen Lights to Flicker?

Flickering lights in your kitchen make preparing food and performing related tasks harder, making finding the source of the problem with the lights a high priority. Multiple potential problems may cause the kitchen lights to flicker, including some problems that put everyone in the house at risk of

What Barrier Goes Under Hardwood Floors?

Before the mid-1900s, home builders installed hardwood flooring planks structurally, laying them directly over the floor joists. While this created a beautiful floor, the planks could absorb moisture from beneath the floor and buckle over time. Perhaps the most annoying problem with these floors was

Bathroom Remodeling Information

For return on investment, remodeling the bathroom is a good choice, as improving and updating this room often adds value to the home. Renovations that improve aesthetics and function can be accomplished even on a small budget. Any enhancement will be worth the effort and a reasonable expenditure.

How to Measure Mobile Home Windows for Replacements

To find the measurement for a mobile home window, it is important you know that mobile home windows get their size from the "rough opening" window size, according to Mobile Home Hardware. This means that the windows are not measured on the outside or by using the outside edges of the window, but by

How to Raise Houses in Flood Zones

If your home has experienced substantial damage (for instance, more than 50 percent of pre-flood market value) as a result of flooding, your community's floodplain management plan may require you to flood-proof or elevate your home. There are several key steps you must follow in order to prepare for

How to Raise the Rafters in a Garage

Most houses today are built with prefabricated roof trusses, rather than rafters. Trusses are lighter and easier to install at a job site because they are put up as a single unit rather than individual elements. Many garages, however, still use rafters which can provide a bit more storage area beca

Can You Install Linoleum Over Carpet Padding?

Linoleum is one of the more flexible types of flooring material you can use in your home, but it still has to be installed on a rated type of substrate for the proper finish result and warranty coverage. Just like ceramic tile, linoleum needs to be installed on a flat surface that will bond with the

When Is a Vapor Barrier Needed?

Vapor barriers often serve as some of the most useful materials for professional builders and contractors as well as installers of new flooring units or tile applications. These rolls of material serve as insulators against humidity and moisture that move between surfaces, whether it's the condensat

How to Build A Home Key Vault

Keys may become lost or stolen at any time, especially if out in public. Many homeowners, however, face the risk of unauthorized use of their vehicles or machinery from family and friends. One solution to this problem is a homemade key vault. It will keep anyone not given the combination safely away

How to Get on the Internet on the Gravity 2

The Gravity 2 phone from Samsung allows you to connect to a cellular data network to access the Internet. The phone's built-in Web browser connects to web pages the same way your computer's browser does. All you have to do is turn the phone on, open the web browser and type in the URL of your favori

Roof Asphalt Primer Problems

Asphalt primers are used on roofs to help roofing materials adhere to the surface. The primer does not replace the normal methods of adhesion used to install roofing. The function of the primer is to create a level, resilient surface to which the materials can adhere. The asphalt primer surface is e

How Do I Repair an Unlevel Floor After a Laminate Install?

You will sometimes notice after installing a laminate flooring that the floor is not level. There is a way this can be fixed if you have a crawl space. This will require at least two people to accomplish the project but you will only need a couple of simple tools.

Mealworms in the Carpet

Mealworms, or insects of the Coleoptera order, are insects that regularly appear in the wild. Typically harmless, these bugs spend the majority of their lives assisting in the biodegradation. Outside of the wild, mealworms are used for fishing and studying. If they are left unchecked, however, mealw

Can You Install Tile Over Existing Linoleum?

Many homeowners consider their linoleum flooring to be dated. Linoleum flooring can also become worn out over time. Tearing up this flooring can be dangerous because the adhesive beneath it can contain asbestos. Learning how to tile directly over existing linoleum will allow you to get the look of b

How to Remove a Slide in Stove

Attached to one or more base cabinets, slide-in stoves are flush with your kitchen cabinet and countertop surface. The stoves, held in place with screws, come in a variety of colors and styles. Slide-in stoves are available in both gas and electric models as well. The stoves are easily removed for r

How to finish drywall or greenboard

Finishing drywall is a technique used to prepare your drywall for paint or texture. It is not real difficult but does take a certain amount of skill and lots of practice.