How to Kill Mold Inside a Pop-Up Camper

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How to Care for a Griddle

A griddle is a piece of cooking equipment used to cook foods such as pancakes, crepes and grilled cheese. Traditionally, griddles were brick or stone tablets, but now they consist of flat surfaces that you can use over an open flame, on a stove or even as a portable, standalone unit. In order to mai

How Can I Get Mace Off My Car Window?

Mace is a substance that is used to ward off an attack. It stings the eyes, mouth and nose. When Mace gets onto a surface like glass, it can also stain. There are several strategies that you can try to remove Mace from your car window or from another glass surface.

How to Kill Residential Mold

Mold in the home can be much more than a simple inconvenience; it can be a serious health issue. A 1994 study conducted by Harvard University showed that residents living in homes that housed mold suffered a 50- to 100-percent increase in respiratory health problems compared to individuals living in

Do Smokeless Ashtrays Work?

Smokeless ashtrays are effective in some ways. They do extract smoke from a cigarette or cigar placed on the tray area. However, once a smoker exhales into the air, the ashtrays are limited in their ability to extract all of the smoke.

How to Clean Money That Smells

Paper money is valuable, but dirties quickly due to the frequent changing of holders. Prior to World War II, paper notes were made from silk fibers. Today, in 2011, mints manufacture paper money using a combination of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen. These natural fibers allow paper money to

How to Remove Set in Carpet Stains

It has happened to everyone at some point. Perhaps a dinner party turned messy when your freshly steamed, white carpet got streaked with red wine. Or perhaps you came home one day to find melted chocolate squished between the carpet fibers in a suspiciously child-sized, footprint-shaped mess. Howev

How to Cure Old Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware can easily be passed down from one generation to the next when cared for properly. The sturdy metal provides versatility in the kitchen, enabling you to cook on the stovetop, in the oven or store food in the refrigerator. A cured cast iron pan retains a nonstick surface, preventin

How to Remove Pollen Stains From the Exterior of a House

Cleaning the exterior of a home is a chore that often gets put off. It does require a bit of stamina, but the results are well worth the effort. Siding begins looking stained and discolored from things like pollen and mold. Pollen is a common food source for mold and sets up your home for damage if

How to Make a Wide Front for a Farmall M

Production on Farmall M tractors began in 1939 and continued until 1952. It was a popular tractor among large-acre row-crop farmers because of its large size. When it was manufactured, Farmall M tractors were available in high-crop, tricycle and wide-front configurations. Today, tractor collectors g

How to Rip Out Tile

Demolition of any sort is a lot of fun and is a great stress reliever. More so, the fun of demolition is increased with the use of power tools. Don't pay a contractor to demolish anything for you, do it yourself. Ripping out a tile floor is messy and time consuming, but it is easy to do and you will

How to Clean Red Suede

Suede is a popular material for shoes, jackets, purses and sofas; unfortunately it is also one of the most frustrating ones. Even when you take care to prevent liquid and other stains from damaging your suede pieces, accidents happen. It can cost up to $100 to get a pair of suede shoes or a purse pr

Sealant to Use for Cast Iron Kohler Sinks

Kohler manufacturers cast iron sinks for kitchens and bathrooms. Correctly applying the right sealant is an import step in the installation process. If sealant is included with the Kohler sink, use that particular sealant and do not substitute it with another type. If sealant is not included, the si

How to Clean Baked on Food From an Oven & Oven Rack

It is inevitable that food items spill on your oven at some point during usage and wind up getting baked onto your oven racks as well as the oven itself. These spills can be messy, cause the oven to smell bad during or after use and may even pose a potential fire hazard if the burned mess gets too h

My Eureka Easy Clean Vacuum is Not Recharging

The Eureka Easy Clean is a lightweight, cordless vacuum. It runs on a battery, which is charged by attaching the charge connector to the vacuum and plugging it into an electrical outlet. When the vacuum is charging, a light illuminates during the process. If the vacuum is not charging, check several

How to Clean Terrazzo Tile

Hardwood and terrazzo tile floors are just a couple of the many different types of flooring available. Terrazzo tile floors are beautiful and their beauty will last for decades if they are properly cared for. They're made of marble or other stone chips mixed with and poured out like concrete. Then t

How to Remove Fluorescent Spray From Window Glass

Fluorescent paint will cause a problem if used on a surface that has not been masked properly. The over-spray will be difficult to remove from surfaces such as window glass. Most spray paints are oil based and long lasting, which is great if you spray them in the right places. An alcohol-based clean

How do I Install a Merlin RO Booster Pump?

Merlin RO Reverse Osmosis booster pumps help reduce water-borne contaminants and improves drinking water quality. Working off a sound scientific principle, these booster pumps filter water under pressure through a membrane with tiny pores. These pores are so small, they will allow only the smaller w

How to Clean Whirlpool Gas Dryer Vents & Lint Traps

Whirlpool gas dryers come in various finishes and sizes and with different options, such as sanitize, antiwrinkle and steam cycles; variable fabric settings; moisture sensors; a static reduction feature; and an LED display and control panel. However, regardless of the features and settings of your p

How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter With Muriatic Acid

Regular maintenance of a hot tub filter helps to prolong the life of the hot tub and maximize the efficiency of the tub, not to mention make the experience more hygienic by keeping the water clean. It's easy to clean a hot tub filter on your own with muriatic acid. You do not need any expensive equi

How to Troubleshoot a Frigidaire Gallery Even-Cook Oven

Some of the latest Frigidaire ovens include technology for even baking. Other technology can include what is called "even broil," which has more flame coverage than usual. Frigidaire Gallery ovens are manufactured by Electrolux and have a full warranty but a few troubleshooting steps can often be th