Treating Water Damage At Home

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DIY Home Insulation Tips That Will Save You Money During Winter Months

Home insulation is arguably the most important factor when it comes to increasing the energy efficiency of your home. You can massively reduce the amount of heat you lose through your walls and roof, which in turn reduces the amount of energy you use. Here are a few home insulation tips that you can

Top 4 Corded Circular Saws - The Best in the Business

A good circular saw is something every craftsmen and homeowner should own. Its versatility and general portability are virtually unmatched, but all corded circular saws are not created equally; there are a few, four to be exact, that seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Adding a Fireplace to Your Home is Easier than You Think

Fireplaces are one of the most desirable and consistently requested home amenities because they add a certain charm and comfort to any living space. They also add significant value to your residence, but adding a ...

Solar PV Panels and Their Benefits

Solar PV panels are used to generate electrical energy in a way that supports the natural environment and cutting back on your costs for electric bills.

The Gutter Cleaner Pressure Washer Attachment

The gutters in your home are not placed there just for aesthetic reasons. They are placed on the side of roof panels so that they can act as pathways for the rainwater coming from the ...

Timber Porch Canopies & Accessories from JAS Timber

Timber Porch Canopies and Accessories from Richard Burbidge / JAS Timber The full range of porch canopy accessories available to be fitted with a Richard Burbidge Timber Porch Canopy includes full-hei

Carpet Cleaning - DIY

Many people today consider vacuuming a carpet as a career of pros. However this does not necessarily mean that you can't clean your own carpet and save your hard earned money that you were to

Solar Power Cost Is Cheaper Than You Think

Because electricity contributes to a great amount of pollution. The solar power cost is what you want to learn more about and why it is most important. In order for you to make such a ...

Top 10 tips for working with Asbestos

As part of Action Mesothelioma Day on Friday 2 July 2010, the British Lung Foundation suggested some top tips lists for DIY enthusiasts to 'Be Asbestos Aware'. The foundation concerned with t

How To Build A Log Store

Log stores are simple to build, they generally have five panels and a waterproof material for the roof. There is a base, two sides, one back panel and the roof. The timber used for a log store should be tanalized to ensure it is protected from the elements and the screws or nails which fasten each p

Top Ten Tips for Buying Bathroom Cabinets

Trends in bathroom design, room furniture. Now, I'm not talking about a sofa or chair, but about adding functional pieces of furniture, such as bathroom cabinets or storage unit. Bathroom cab

Installing Ceramic Tile

Ceramic flooring is an attractive and hard wearing surface ideally suited to an installation in bathrooms and kitchens.Knowing how to lay ceramic tile is not too difficult,

Learn About Using a Tarp

Tarps are not only great for covers but also great for home projects. Let a poly tarp be the one to help with that painting job you have or leaky roof. See how else you can use these tarps.

DIY Projects 101

It is general knowledge that people have become somewhat lazy and that we would rather call someone to do a simple task for us than try to do it ourselves. However, things are becoming very different each and every day - DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular and people are starting do under