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Composting with Manure

Composting with livestock manure can put nutrients back into your garden. Whether you have a handy manure source or you live in the city and need to purchase some, it can help nourish the things that you grow. Manure is a quick way to give your garden a burst of growth, but take care not to over do

What Grass Seed to Use for Lawns in Indiana

Good soil without plants or weeds is a critical requirement for successful seed growth. The soil should be firm and tilled well, and the type of grass seed you choose should work well with your particular climate. You can choose among multiple types of grass seed when planting your lawn...

How to Make a Porch Slab

A concrete porch provides a home with a finished outdoor space. Since a porch slab is extremely heavy, it requires placing piers, or tubular supports, that distribute the weight of the main structure evenly across several points. This design, along with rebar caging, will give your concrete porch sl

Basic Guide to Garden Bridges

A garden bridge can be used for any landscape design, place across a natural or man made creek or place in a garden or landscape planting area. A cedar bridge will be an awesome, attractive, decorative addition to your backyard!

How to Grind Small Stumps

Whether cut down by machine or felled by the forces of nature, trees often leave behind stumps, left to rot in the ground and consume usable ground space. Furthermore, rotting tree stumps near your house could attract pests, such as termites and carpenter ants, that could pose a potential threat to

How to Make a Ying Yang Landscape Design

When you want the outdoor landscape of your home to reflect an Asian theme, you can create a circular yin and yang feature in your own backyard using decorative black and white stones. The yin and yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese concept, which reminds us that we are at our best when we ma

How to Hang a Curtain Rod on Cinder-block Walls

Hanging curtain rods on cinder-block walls may seem like more trouble than it's worth. It's not. Cinder-block rooms tend to feel hard and cold, not cozy at all. Curtains soften the effect and add visual warmth, and the fabric reduces echo. With the proper hardware and tools, hanging them isn't hard

Installing Deck Railings the Professional Way

One of the most common reasons why most people want to install railings is for the safety of children, and of relatives and friends when they visit your home. So we see that deck railings do have an important function to perform. Decks looks enhanced if they are made with some creative designs, as t

About Sandboxes

As long as there have been kids and sand, kids have been using it to dig, build and destroy sandy creations. A sandbox is a contained area of sand for kids to channel their creative building energies. Sandboxes can be used indoors or outdoors, can be made with different types of sand and materials,

How to Fertilize Tall Fescues

Tall fescue is a coarse-blade heavy-duty grass. Rapid spring growth requires frequent mowing. The grass tolerates a wide range of soil and sunlight conditions with good drought and heat characteristics. Fertilizing should be performed when the grass begins active growth or is readying for dormancy.

Installing a One-Piece Bathtub Wall Surround

A one-piece bathtub wall surround prevents many of the leaks you find with other types of surrounds, both ceramic and fiberglass, since it doesn't have seams. The unit folds at the corners, allowing easy movement through doors. The installation takes about a day, and having a partner to help you is

Tips That You Must Follow When It Comes To Landscaping

Gardening are able to do wonders external of your respective properties exterior. It is possible to boost your landscaping expertise after some advice. Read this post and see that your home could possibly be the ...

Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

A lawn motor is only as good as how well you keep it maintained. Even the most expensive law mower on the market will leave you with an uneven and even ugly lawn if you don't notice the tell-tale signs of problems. Fortunately, most lawn mower troubleshooting is easy to detect and easy to fix.

How to Make Ficus Grow Quicker

Ficus plants are one of the most commonly grown indoor plants, and also one of the most finicky. Any change to the ficus's environment shocks the plant, resulting in leaf drop. Although the plant recovers quickly after environmental changes, the stress slows the development of the plant. Also, indoo

What Is the Difference in a Market Umbrella & a Crank Umbrella?

Market umbrellas and crank umbrellas are both types of patio, beach or garden umbrellas. These umbrellas are generally used in good weather to diminish direct sunlight. Rather than keep off rain, they cool an area and help prevent sunburns.

Pink & Purple Hemerocallis

With over 40,000 hemerocallis or daylily cultivars registered with the American Hemerocallis Society and over 1,000 new cultivars being registered each year, there are many pink and purple blooming daylilies to choose from. The general blooming season is from June through August. June bloomers are c

How to Build a Landscape Wall

A landscape wall enhances your home's appeal and provides a platform for flower and vegetable gardens and topiary displays. In this example, you will learn how to build a landscape wall with interlocking cement retaining wall blocks. These blocks do not require mortar or construction glue of any sor

What Type of Wood Screw Should Be Used on a Wooden Fence Rail?

Three characteristics determine a screw's suitability for fence building: the screw's thread pattern, the screw's size and the screw's resistance to corrosion. Finding screws that match the requirements of a specific fencing project requires the builder to find screws that are long enough to penetra

DIY Deck Post Repair

A DIY deck post repair is one of the most common projects for homeowners who are do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Usually, deck posts are made of 4-by-4 pressure-treated lumber that is exposed to multiple elements, such as rain and snow. Insects can also compromise the posts over time. Because posts are