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The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden in Las Vegas hosts spectacular displays revolving around seasons and holidays and is open 365 a year. Take a look at the Bellagio's autumn Harvest Show, on display through November 29, 2008. While it's going to be hard to copy the spectacular

Above Ground Pools Are More Popular Than Ever

Above ground pools today are much more sophisticated that that old kiddie pool you might have splashed in when you were young. They are fast becoming a popular alternative to an in-ground pool. They have many of the features and advantages of the permanent models. As well, they're much less exp

Throw a Kiddie Pool Party

Summertime is vacation time for kids. The best way to cool off during this hot season is to spend it on a swimming pool. If you have a backyard pool, why not let your children invite their friends over for a pool party?

What Is the Effect of Chlorine on pH in a Pool?

Most swimming pool owners choose to keep their pool water clean by using a chemical disinfectant such as chlorine. An upside to using chlorine when it comes to swimming pool disinfection is that it's relatively easy to use. However, there's more to swimming pool disinfection than just adding chlorin

Swimming Pool Filter and Valve Maintenance

When do you need to Backwash your filter? backwashing is a pool service used only with sand filters or diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) filters. When the pressure gauge indicates a pressure rise of 8 - 10 lbs above the clean start-up pressure, or when flow rate is significantly reduced, your filter is dirt


A definition of the aquarium term ozonizer.


A definition of the aquarium term mouth-brooder.

Does Rain Affect Chlorine Levels in a Pool?

The delicate balance of pool water can be difficult to keep. A large number of outside influences can affect the water in any number of ways. Unless you keep the pool covered when not in use, the second most common influence is rainwater. Once you know why and how rain affects the water in your pool

How to Gelcoat a Swimming Pool

Every fiberglass swimming pool comes with a gel coating from its manufacturer. Gel coating not only provides a visually appealing finish to fiberglass swimming pools but it is also a hard and porous finish. Gel coating protects the fiberglass and last between fifteen and twenty years of use. When th

How to Build a Pool Deck

Swimming is the most fun activity which you can do in the summer to escape the searing heat. Moreover it provides fitness to the body as a result of which more and more people are getting drawn towards this. But most people cannot seem to afford a pre-built swimming pool in their home due to the hig

Outsmart Your Kids With a Swimming Pool Fence

You've put in a pool (or bought a house that has one) hopefully your first thought is for safety. This article will focus on one of those protective measure- the swimming pool fence.

How to Remove Chlorine Tablet Stains in a Pool

Chlorine tablets that sit against the the pool plaster can cause yellow or black stains. If you use an algaecide with copper in it, the tablet can leach oxidized copper from the water and leave a black stain on the plaster. Because chlorine compounds in the tablets are powerful chemicals, they may a

How to Clean Cloudy Cruets & Vases

Cloudy cruets or vases can ruin the look of your décor because of their dull, foggy appearance. This is typically caused by mineral buildup from hard water. Soaking flowers in water or washing with soap and water can lead to the mineral buildup and fogging. There are several cleaning products

How to Clean a Pool Filter Tank

You know your pool filter tank needs cleaning because your pool is no longer looking sparkling blue, but more a greenish "On Golden Pond" type color. Take a deep breath and grab some wrenches, because this sucker is a big, heavy thing that takes some wrestling to take apart. After you have done it o

How to Repair Pump Impellers

The pump impeller is designed to pull the water through the pump in order to move it from one place to the other. Occasionally, leaves or other debris can get caught in the impeller, causing damage to the part. The simplest and most cost-efficient way to repair the impeller is to just replace the pa

How to Turn an Old Well Into a Fountain

Many old wells are attractive stone structures, but they are no longer useful as a water source. With a little ingenuity, you can turn one of these rustic landmarks into a decorative water fountain. The most difficult aspect of the project is filling in the well cavity. The deeper the well, the more