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Osama Toast

A picture of Osama bin Laden appearing in a piece of toast

Saturday Night Live Episode Recap

Read a recap of Saturday Night Live episode 1582, hosted by actress Scarlett Johansson with musical guest Arcade Fire. Original air date 11/13/10.

Funny Videos - Your Online Resource of Instant Humor

Humor websites, featuring funny videos and pictures, have turned out to be one of the most popular searches over the Internet. Visual appeal, along with the power to evoke instant laughter, makes watching these videos extremely enjoyable.


A cartoon showing Barack Obama's bubble bursting.

Mother's Day Prayers

Prayers are said to be the letters to God. We all pray to god for fulfilling our needs. Whatever may be the reason there is no one in this world who haven't prayed even once in their life tim

McCain and the Press

A political cartoon about the press's love affair with John McCain.

Herding Cats

A political cartoon about John Boehner and the dysfunctional Congress.

Handicapped Walk-in Tub

In cases of emergency where immediately vacating the bath tub is needed, finding control features that are within arm's reach and provide easy egress is a plus. There should be enough buttons or levers that a person can use to open the door and immediately get out of the bath tub if need be.

Are Television Commercials Rude?

Children are the most susceptible to television advertising. They believe ads. I want to believe. I want to believe the detergent will remove stains and the car is fuel efficient and that fairy godmothers are real.

U.S. Secrets

A political cartoon about the NSA scandal.

The Attack Of The Bear

Have you ever come across a bear in the woods while hiking? Read this story about an adventure my friend and I had this last spring.

Makers vs. Takers

A political cartoon about the middle class and the rich.

Hillary Conceding

A political cartoon about Hillary Clinton conceding the Democratic primary election.

Should We Have More Fun?

The simple ways of having amusement time can be drawn from this document and all these advices are really valuable during the hours you're bored.

Herding Cats

A political cartoon about President Obama's attempt to herd the 60 Democratic cats in the Senate.

Coulter MILF

A funny captioned picture of Ann Coulter.