What Are the Duties of a Precinct Committeeman?

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The History of Earth Day for Kids

While many children celebrate Earth Day every year, the history of Earth Day is not widely known. In fact, children played a monumental role in getting the celebration started.

Care of the U.S. Flag

The U.S. Flag symbolizes its nation's values and history: the fifty stars stand for the states in the Union, the 13 stripes stand for the thirteen original colonies and the red, white and blue colors symbolize valor, purity and justice (in that order). Though there are no federal laws governing flag

Changing the Tides of Confidence Through Strategic PR

Over two months have passed since the explosion of the Deep Horizon well in the Gulf; however, the aftershocks of such a "game changing" event are still far from over. Since this catastrophe began the global FIN-Ecological-system has shifted from its previous state resulting in 11 lives lo

How to Store a U.S. Flag

The U.S. flag is one of the most recognized flags in the world; you can see it flying in cities and towns across the country. Flags can become worn, faded and torn if not handled properly. Careful storage of a flag when it is not displayed helps preserve it for many years.

Stephen Harper Attacks Canada!

Canada is a parliamentary democracy that has existed for 143 years as a country founded in the name of peace, freedom, and equality. Over the years Canada has become a very centralized country politically speaking with a majority of Canadians having very lenient political beliefs and frankly, an apa

Lets Know About The Ads - United States Military

The Active Denial System or as it also known ADS is a less-lethal, directed-energy weapon that wasactualized by the United States military. It is a strong millimeter-wave transmitter generally utilized for crowd control.

Why Not Label GMOs?

Are GMOs safe or not? So far science says they are. But the question is irrelevant when it comes to whether GMOs should labeled. It is the story of artificial sweeteners that tells us why.

How Will You Collect Maximum Donations From Your Political Fundraiser?

You will hardly find anyone who will readily contribute money for a fundraiser. And if it's a political fundraiser, then it becomes all the more difficult to raise funds. Whether citizens will donate or not depends entirely on how you project yourself and your party in front of the public. The

Uses for a Chasuble

A chasuble in its most general sense is an item of clothing worn by a Catholic priest as he presides over a Mass. The chasuble is also a symbol of the attainment of the office of priest within the Roman Catholic Church. Each chasuble must be blessed and a prayer must be said before it can be worn by

Any Politician Claiming He's Not a Liar Simply Isn't Telling the Truth!

It's often rather hilarious all the jokes that we make at the expense of our duly elected politicians. Some would say they deserve it, and yet, if you've ever been a politician it is a little unnerving all this sound and fury coming from the teeny brains of those in the peanut gallery. Thu

The BSA and Back to Basics

The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) was designed to prevent money laundering in financial institutions. Back to Basics is a seminar-type course offered to financial industry employees that teaches the basics of the BSA.

US Shovels Are Ready, Cause Healthcare Web Site Is a Pile of Horse Manure

Healthcare.gov is not a website with "kinks" as the president claims, instead it is a site with major design flaws. This article examines several issues with the website and questions why it was outsourced to a Canadian development firm, instead of hiring a U.S. based company with U.S. emp

How Does the Iowa Government Work in the House and the Senate?

The Iowa Constitution vests all legislative authority in the General Assembly. The General Assembly has two chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives, and members of each are responsible for passing laws that enhance the lives of the people in their district. Either house may initiate a

What Types of Economic Systems Do Other Countries Use?

The United States has a capitalist economy with a strong social welfare component administered by the central government, making it technically a mixed economy. While some countries have mixed economies similar to the United States, other countries have socialist, capitalist, communist or mixed econ

US Flag Display Rules

Flying the U.S. flag is a popular way to show personal pride and patriotism in America. If not displayed properly, you could misrepresent your patriotic intentions. There are many correct ways to display an American flag, and many improper ways as well. Know what it means to fly a U.S. flag before y

Crisis in Zimbabwe - The Delusions of Robert Mugabe

The rate of inflation in Zimbabwe is now the highest in the world, 1,600%. Much of this is driven by government borrowing in an effort to cover rising expenses. The infrastructure itself is falling apart. Schools are run down, hospitals critically underfunded and short of both equipment and medicine

German Memoirs - German Strike on Romans Which Changed the World

Whatever the persecution Germans faced historically what Dietmar Doering was telling me came into mind as to how the Germanic tribes under the command of Arminius (Hermann) by one stroke. This was against the Roman Forces in Germania and the subsequent Germanic tribes invasion into the Roman Empire

Paul Odyssey Update

The controlled media is up to its usual tricks. They discovered long ago that the best way to manipulate the news is to blatantly distort and lie about the subject - or simply ignore it completely.Such is the case with GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex). According to the media, no such pers