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How Long Do Credit Bureaus Have to Respond to Disputes?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires credit bureaus to respond to a consumer dispute within 30 days of receiving the dispute notice. During these 30 days, the credit reporting agency must investigate all the disputed accounts. Within five days after finishing the investigation, the credit reportin

Land Assessment Tools in NYS

The website describes property assessment as "the process of placing a value on an asset for the purpose of taxation." The tax that is calculated is also defined as an "assessment." A land assessment is designed to determine the taxable value on property, whether it's commercial or

The Energy Costs of Corn Vs. Wood Pellets

Energy cost is arrived at by multiplying the cost in dollars of the units of fuel by the number of those units needed to produce a million British Thermal Units (BTUs). The energy cost to heat with wood or corn pellets depends on the price of a unit of each and the number of those units needed for a

CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules

Pensions help you provide beneficiaries with financial stability.granddaughter with grandfather image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comWhen your pension is more than 10 percent, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board pays the pension in monthly installments. You can choose a...

How to Unload Your 403B

Unloading your employer-sponsored 403b retirement plan means you don't want to be part of the employer's plan anymore. The reason might be poor performance of investment options, distrust of employer fiduciary responsibility or the desire to get funds you need for some reason. Unloading it might mea

How to Make Money From Interest With the Carry Trade on FOREX

In the foreign currency exchange market, a FOREX carry trade is a strategy that exploits the different interest rates available for different foreign currencies. Traders purchase debt instruments in high-yielding currencies while simultaneously selling low-yielding ones. By using high leverage -- f

How to Close an Emigrant Direct Account

Emigrant Direct is an online bank that offers higher interest rates on savings accounts than many traditional banks. The bank offers two types of accounts: a savings account and a certificate of deposit account. When you bank with Emigrant Direct, you link your main bank account with Emigrant Direct

Are Divorced Spouses Both on Disability Entitled to Any Benefits?

If you are divorced and you and your ex-spouse are both disabled, both of you may qualify to receive various public benefits. If you are already receiving disability benefits, you may also qualify to receive other Social Security benefits based on your personal work, your ex-spouse's work or both of

Fair Credit Reporting Act Regulations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted to protect consumers against fraudulent or inaccurate information from being placed in their credit file, as well as protecting their right to privacy. Information about your credit history is gathered by organizations known as Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA

Basis for Rating Credit Scores

Credit scores are numbers used by various businesses to determine the creditworthiness of a person, and how much of a risk that person is in paying back a loan or credit. There are three major credit bureaus -- Experian, Equifax and TransUnion -- that collect financial information on individuals and

Percentage of Credit Card Balance Vs. Credit Limit

The percentage of your total credit limit that you are using at any given time is one factor used to calculate your credit score. Your credit utilization ratio is given a substantial amount of weight in your credit score, second only to your history of paying bills on time. To get the best credit sc

What's inside the FAPTurbo Box?

So I dived in, paid my money, and checked out for my self if this robot was all it was cracked up to be. So I paid the money via paypal and logged into the ...

At What Age Can I Receive Social Security Benefits?

Social Security requires work history before an individual can receive benefits. Work history for retirement benefits requires 10 years or 40 credits; survivor and disability benefits may require less work history. You may collect benefits on your own work history, or the work history of a parent, s

What Is Required to Close a Savings Account if Someone Is Deceased?

When a loved one dies, an executor will have to manage the closing of accounts and handle all the final affairs related to the estate. Normally, a last will and testament names an executor. If a will does not name an executor, then the probate court involved in settling the estate will name one. Sin

What Kind of a Personality Does a Micro Manager Have?

A micro manager can be a difficult colleague at work. Micro managers seek to control and strive to garner as much power as possible, even in unnecessary situations. Employers who are known as micro managers can share similar personality traits.

Is There a Margin Call on Gold Options?

A stock option is a contract between an option writer and a buyer, giving the buyer the right to buy or sell a particular stock at a price agreed upon today at a date in the future. You can buy options contracts on the gold index as well as many gold-related companies. Whether or not you can receive

How to Apply for Disability if Not Working for Six Months

An individual as young as 20, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA), has a 30 percent chance of becoming disabled before he reaches the age of retirement. The U.S. government established the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) through the SSA to provide a financial safety net

Negatives of Time Shares

Vacation homes offer a familiar place to unwind away from home, but many families cannot afford a second home. Timeshares are a common alternative to full vacation homes where a buyer purchases the right to use a housing unit at a certain time each year. Timeshares are often condo units in high-dema

What Is a Single Life Annuity?

A single life annuity is a monthly payment made by an insurance company to a retired person. The payments only cover the person who bought the annuity and stop in the event of that person's death, according to