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Wild Bird Seed Identification

Birds will fly for many miles in a single day to find the right seeds to eat. The need to breed, travel, fatten up for the winter and stay alive drives them to people's feeders. Knowing how to identify and even grow birdseed is important if you wish to have many feathered friends visiting.

Preschool Bird Feeder Project

Preschool children generally have a fascination with wild animals, including birds. Making a simple bird feeder gives them the opportunity to see an assortment of birds native to your area. Keep the project as simple as possible, though, to capture and maintain the interest of the preschoolers. If y

Chimney Swift

Detailed bird profile of the chimney swift: appearance, foods, habitat, behavior and reproduction. Includes tips for attracting chimney swifts to the appropriate habitat.

How Long Should a Bird Have Full-Spectrum Lighting Each Day?

Large parrots, like this African Grey, can benefit from four to six hours of full-spectrum lighting each day.grey parrot image by Ramona smiers from Fotolia.comThe Number of Hours Depends on the SpeciesThe size and species of the bird dictates the amount of time it should be exposed to...

Homemade Bird Perches From Tree Branches

Pet birds spend most of their time on their feet, standing and walking on perches. It is essential for the bird perch to be comfortable and sturdy, as well as clean. Perches not only provide a place for birds to stand, but also something they can chew on, since they are generally made of wood. Birds

Discover the Yellow Parrot of the Amazon

The yellow parrot in the Amazon really has many different appearances; the most noted is the Yellow headed Amazon which stands anywhere from 15 to 17 inches tall, with a short tall, yellow head and sturdy body. A sad fact about this yellow parrot is that they are on the endangered list in Mexico and

How to Breed Lorikeets

The colorful lorikeet occurs throughout Australia, the Pacific Islands, New Guinea, and the islands around Indonesia. Within their natural habitat, the lorikeet consumes a variety of saps and nectars from trees and plants. In captivity, the birds will breed throughout the year with ease. They reach

How to Avoid the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

A bite from a western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox) is, at the very least, extremely painful. In some cases the bites can be fatal, especially in people with weakened immune systems, children and the elderly. Rattlesnakes do not bite for fun; they bite when they feel threatened, and the b

Datura Effects on Birds

Datura is a leafy herb with a woody stalk that grows up to five feet tall. It is a member of the Solanaceae plant family which includes potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, petunias and deadly nightshade. Sometimes called Jimson Weed, Devil's Apple, Angel Trumpet, Thorn Apple, Sacred Datura and Toloache, da

How to Make Liquid Bird Food

Liquid bird food is made for hummingbirds and is placed in hummingbird feeders where this type of bird is present. The liquid bird food imitates the nectar found in the flowers in which the primary ingredient is sucrose. This is much like white sugar. It is important to use white sugar and not artif

Is My Pet Bird Sick? 7 Tell Tale Signs of Illness in Pet Birds

The onset of illness and disease in pet birds is difficult to detect because they are programmed to mask signs of illness. In the wild only the strong survive is not just a saying but a reality, and displaying signs of weakness often means being attacked. Here are 7 symptoms that let you know your p

What Do Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers Eat?

Where there are trees, there are birds. Just about anybody can identify a woodpecker by its distinctive knocking or pecking noise. If you are lucky enough, you can follow the rhythmic chatter and locate the type of woodpecker. You are extremely fortunate if the bird you have spotted is an ivory-bill

Buying the Best Aviaries

Birds are always a welcome addition because not only are they very colorful, they are also very entertaining. However, just like your fish, cats and dogs, they too need to be housed in a good environment that mimics their natural habitat and that can be achieved by putting them in aviaries rather th

How to Make a Bird Play Gym

Parakeets, budgies and other domesticated birds are extremely active and intelligent, which means that they sometimes tire quickly of simple bird toys. In order to keep them occupied, you may decide to build them a bird play gym. This toy will change each day for them--just like a jungle gym does fo

Bird Melanism

Melanistic birds have overly dark plumage. Learn about bird melanism, including how it affects the birds and tips for identifying melanistic birds.

How to Build a Pigeon Latrine

Soft feathers, calming coos and warm brown eyes don't generally come to mind when discussing pigeons. Instead come thoughts of disease, filth-laden sidewalks and excrement in excess. Pigeons have a uniquely designed digestive systems which allow for fluent and indiscriminate release of their bowels.

The Differences Between a Crow & a Grackle

The American crow and the common grackle look almost identical at a distance. The two birds, however, have a number of physical and behavioral differences that can help to identify them. The crow belongs to the same family as jays, while the grackle belongs to the blackbird family.