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Horse Ear Infections

Horses can get infections of the middle ear, inner ear or the outer ear flap, or pinna. Not only are ear infections painful, they also can greatly impair a horse's coordination and lead to deafness.

How to Take Care of a Western Saddle

With the proper handling and maintenance, a western saddle can last for several years. Western saddles come in many varieties, but are always made of leather with the occasional silver trimming to add style. According to Mini Horse and Pony Tack Guide, the saddle is one of the most expensive pieces

Horse Training - Don't Be Boxed in by Old Ideas

Think your horse is broke? Think again. Take your horse into a completely different environment or discipline and see if you can avoid the basic "I'm not broke" moves of bucking, shying, rearing, and running. If your horse isn't broke, here are three simple exercises to teach you

How to Treat a Foal With Contracted Tendons

Foals are delicate creatures. For animals that grow into such large, strong beasts, the foal can be a host for numerous problems and illnesses. One common issue foals encounter are problems with their leg alignment. Most of these problems are minor and will fix themselves with minimal interventio

Horse Dentist - What Do They Do?

A dentist for your horse may seem like a far fetched idea.After all, we have trainers, farriers, veterinarians, do we really need a horse dentist as well?Some believe that as the training for a veterinarian is all encompassing, it only gives cursory attention to the horse's mouth.A horse dentis

Winter Horse Care Tips: To Blanket Or Not To Blanket - That Is The Question

I recently posted a question on my Facebook page asking whether people used blankets for their horses during cold weather, or not, and why. The responses I got indicated a very complex topic and well worth taking a more in-depth look at for a winter horse care topic. Most of the responders who prefe

Reining Horse Training - The Importance

Reining horse training is of extreme importance whenever a competition is around. It basically requires horses that are in tune and responsive with their riders. It also depends on the riders' abilities to develop relationships with their horses.

About Horse Training Tools

No matter what breed or discipline, all horses, ponies and mules need training. Although there is some equipment specialized to help a horse learn a certain sport or event, there are training tools common for them all. All horse owners should have these basics in the barn. Working with these tools g

How to Calm a Horse Down Quickly

Horses are beautiful animals however even when trained to be tame they can become agitated. This can create a dangerous situation for a rider or anyone around the horse. Due to this, it's important to calm the horse down quickly.

How to Clean & Restore a Western Saddle

A new western saddle can set you back $1,000 or more at your local tack shop. But you might be able to pick up a used saddle for just a few hundred. If you can find a western saddle that is structurally sound but needs some TLC, you can save a lot of money and get a saddle you will be proud to ride

Do herbal supplements work?

Learn how to feed your horse. Do herbal supplements work? Learn why you should research carefully before feeding your horse herbal mixtures or preparations.

Breeding For Palomino and Buckskin Quarter Horses

To guarantee a 100% palomino foal, breed a sorrel to a cremello! Since a cremello is homozygous for the creme gene, the resulting foal will always get one copy of the creme gene to make a palomino foal.

How to Embroider on a Horse Halter

Embroidering is a good way to personalize a horse halter and enhances the horse's appearance at shows or trail rides. Most halters are made out of sturdy nylon webbing, which is generally too thick to embroider by hand. Instead, an industrial machine with a clamping device is preferred. In the absen

Minnesota Horse Events

show horse jumper image by Clarence Alford from Fotolia.comMinnesota is home to more than 60 horse clubs, associations and organizations. Horse breeders, riders, racers and admirers can take part in dozens of annual events in the state. From barrel racing to equestrian jumping, events...

Difference in Cutting & Ranch Saddles

There are a variety of different types of western saddles, with some intended to perform a specific job or duty. The saddles have been customized over the years to provide optimal performance for riders who want to work on ranches, ride cutting horses and work cattle as well as roping, barrel racing

Feeding the Old Horse

Owning an old horse can be at time upsetting when you see your old companion fading away. However, nowadays, horses can live happily until a very old age, some well after the age of 30. Hopefully this article will help you and your old mate find the right care.

Lucas Werthein Takes a Spill

Here's a peek at the venues, thrills and spills of Olympic equestrian sports. See show jumpers, dressage riders and three day eventers in action with this collection of Olympic photos. Here Lucas Werthein takes a spill during the during the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games at the Markopoulo Oly