2014 Cat Pictures of the Week: Lucy

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Adopting A Cat

Do you want to adopt a cat?Do you know what you should consider first and what to look for in a kitty or cat? Find out here.

Guide to Buying a Heated Cat Bed

If you have pets at home, you need to make sure that they are warm enough on their beds. And for this reason, it is wise if you can purchase a heated bed.

Adoptable Shelter Cat: Edward

The Adoptable Shelter Cat Gallery was envisioned as a way of getting homeless cats in animal shelters and cat rescues into the public limelight, and helping special shelter cats find loving forever homes. It is a way for me to give back to the cats who have taught me so much about life, courage, com

How to Set a Feral Cats Trap

Life is hard for a feral cat. They must hunt for prey, avoid cars and predators, find shelter from the cold and be subjected to countless parasites and diseases. Trapping feral cats and taking them to a local animal shelter is a humane choice, as some shelters have programs organized to trap, neuter

Is Your Cat in Your Will?

How to article on making preparations so that your cat or dog is provided for in case of owner's death or disability. Wills and Trusts can be set up to provide for the care, housing and maintenance of a pet.

Cat Memorials and Picture Gallery: Martie

Creating a memorial to a cat you have loved and lost is a good way not only to honor your beloved kitty, but also to help you through the grieving process. These memorials speak for themselves of the bond between humans and cats that transcends life itself.

Types of Bone Cancer in Cats

Bone tumors are aggressive cancers that are deadly to cats if left untreated.cats face image by Nicemonkey from Fotolia.comBone cancer is often a fatal disease that can affect cats, dogs and other pets. Bone cancer typically strikes cats that are 10 years or older, but it can affect...

Cures for Feline UTI

Urinary tract infections are a common illness in cats, and some cats experience recurring problems--especially male cats. In many instances, the urinary tract infection will resolve itself with treatment at home. If the condition doesn't improve with a couple days of extra TLC at home, you should ta

Red Cats Picture Gallery: Funny Face

We celebrate red cats in our December Picture Calendar, but we love them year-round. December is a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. We also can't forget that December cats are red for the color of Ch

How to Treat Canine Digestive Problems With Slippery Elm

Canine digestive problems tend to manifest themselves in one of two ways: either your dog will go all the time (canine diarrhea) or he does not go at all. Both are extremely uncomfortable situations for your pet and potentially big problems for you. In many cases, if your dog just has a super-sensit

3 Keys to Help Maintain Healthy Cat Kidneys

As with humans, cat kidneys are vital for the functioning of the animal. According to veterinarians, the top cause of deaths among felines is kidney disease. By following some basic tips, you can to prevent kidney diseases in your cat. Here are some methods to decrease the likelihood that your felin

Cat Water Drinking Fountains - How Fountains Can Improve Your Cat's Health

Why should you consider a drinking fountain for your cat? To answer that question, first we need to understand a little about cats and how their bodies work. We will discuss why cats need to drink more water to prevent health problems and how it can make them live longer, happier lives.

Best Cat Food - What To Feed Your Cat To Keep Them Ultra Healthy

When a cat is completely healthy, it's obvious, they have a nice thick healthy fur coat, their eyes shine, and they are active and attentive. Diet and exercise have a large impact on our cats, but what exactly is the best cat food to feed our precious little friends?

How to Get a Stool Sample From Your Cat?

A reader is concerned because her cat is rubbing his butt across the ground. She suspects he has a tapeworm and asks how to get a stool sample to take to the veterinarian

Pet Nutrition and Health - Cats Have Special Needs!

Cats are beautiful, curious, loving and frustrating.All pets have individual personalities, but cats and kittens have a natural behavioral attitude that befuddles and endures them to their owners and especially children.

Cat Urinary Issues - Their Causes, Symptoms, and the Best Way to Treat Them

Cat urinary issues are common and must be addressed since even going one day without urinating can be extremely dangerous.The best approach is one of prevention which includes making sure a cat is drinking enough, receives a well balanced diet and the possible use of a homeopathic supplement to prov