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A List of the Gestation Periods & Lifetime of Various Mammals

When it comes to gestation, every mammal has its own time frame for how long it takes to develop their young between conception and birth. There are some natural tendencies, however, that will dictate an approximate length of time an animal will gestate. For the most part, the average length of tim

How to Make Pet Rabbit Clothes

Making rabbit clothes can serve both decorative and functional purposes. If you're looking for a way to keep your rabbit warm or just keep her looking fancy, making rabbit clothes is a good hobby to try. Sew a coat first, and then you can move on to more complicated designs.

How to Feed Emerald Crabs

Emerald crabs (Mithrax Sculptus) make lively additions to a marine aquarium. Their vivid, ornate bodies contrast to the more subdued appearance of other cleaner crabs. Like many crabs, this species is a scavenger, which finds much of its food occurring naturally in the tank. Emerald crabs also help

Treatment for a Cat's Fecal Worms

There are a variety of intestinal parasites that affect cats, including roundworms and tapeworms. These types of parasites live in the kitty's intestine and absorb nutrients from the feline. If left untreated, the parasites can cause the cat to become extremely thin, undernourished and worse. Theref

Birds And Their Astonishing Memory

Acorns are one of the favorite seeds for birds to store. The trick for them is remembering where they stored the seeds.

Doggy Summer Care: Fun But Safe!

As loving dog owners we want to have some fun with our four-legged friends during the summer time. But we also need to know how to be responsible...and keep them safe.

Raising Chickens at Home

With the prices in gas and the scares over various contaminants in food, there has been a growing trend towards growing one's one vegetables and fruits at home as well as acquiring chickens to produce eggs. According to a variety of sources, chickens are one of the easiest farm animals to raise

How to Detect Counterfeit Frontline Plus for Cats

As of January 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency continues to issue stop-sale and removal orders to retailers of counterfeit and nonapproved Frontline Plus and other topical pesticides. The agency notes that "use of the counterfeit products may put the treated pet at risk." Since its cre

Big dog secrets Review

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Creatures Found in Salt Water Tanks

An entire ecosystem is included in a salt water tank.aquarium fish 8 image by cherie from Fotolia.comSalt water tanks are ecological wonders inspired by the oceanic world. Vividly patterned fish, incandescent corals and miniature versions of larger, well-known marine life bring salt water...

Natural Cures for Fleas on Cats

Natural flea products can help eliminate fleas on your face image by Viktor Korpan from Fotolia.comFleas are not only difficult to eradicate but also potentially harmful to your cat. Flea bites can cause anemia, tapeworms and flea allergy dermatitis, according to Cat World....

Horse Shows - Clipping For A Show

When showing your horse, doing a proper clipping job can be one of the most important ways to make him look his best.Many people leave show grooming to the last minute.When clipping a horse for a show

Varieties of Cat Litter Boxes

Now include the best kitty litter boxes are available in a range of styles. Anyone employed so that you can only pick up any kind of older square pack along with get rid of kitten ...