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The Various Types of Photography

Photography comes in various types and forms. All of these forms have their own importance in a very different scheme of things and all have to be done and dealt with in a very different and challenging manner. These forms challenge photographers all the time, as along with expertise, the photograph

How to Use a Phaser Pedal

A phaser pedal is an effect pedal for a guitar or other instrument that runs sound through various filters driven by an oscillator. It sends the signal in and out of phase to give it a swirling sound. There have been many brands of phase pedals since the introduction of this technology in the 1970s,

Do You Know How A Pinhole Camera Works?

A pinhole camera is the simplest medium in the art of photography. The pinhole camera is also very unique camera because it takes pictures without using any lens. Interesting, isn't it? You see, the small hole in the pinhole camera actually acts like an ordinary lens. A clear discussion of why

Photography - One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

There are many photographers on the Internet and it is not always easy to make the right choice in hiring a Pro. To use our directory is the best way to let us do the work for you. We select the best matching photographers for your photography project.

Choosing a Digital Camera

With a seemingly infinite array of digital cameras on the market with different shapes, sizes, features and even color options, it can be very confusing for consumers to identify which brand and model will best serve their needs. In this article I will run through a couple of the key features of a d

Lens Filters for Your Camera Lens

Photographers who use either a manual or digital SLR camera can enhance their images by using lens filters. There are several types of camera lens filters but four of those most commonly used are the graduated neutral density, polarizing, UV, and haze filters. Each is used for different effects on t

Baby photographers NY

The moment that you have a new arrival in the family, everyone is so excited, about seeing the baby and for those, who cannot make it on time; you definitely want to send as many pictures, as possible

Ohio Photography Salary

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services predicts that the need for photographers in Ohio will increase by nearly 6 percent from 2008 through 2018. This increased demand for professionals in the field of photography should create more than 300 jobs across the state during that time frame. How

How to Decorate a Tractor Themed Bedroom

Tractors hold a tremendous fascination for people of all ages. Perhaps this is because of a tractor's bright colors or its shiny fixtures, or perhaps it's because of a tractor's powerful machinery, detailed dashboard and lofty view of the world. No matter the reason for his fascination, it is simple

Ideas for Cool Female Photo Shoots

Female photo shoots can have a wide variety of themes. The theme will usually dictate the setting. For example, professional female head-shots will almost always be done in a studio. Cool photo shoot are ones that challenge both the photographer and female model. Cool female photos shoots are ones t

How You Can Enlarge Photos With Minimum Effort

Photo enlargements are online tools or services to convert any wallpaper up to the poster size without losing its original quality. Now, there are numerous websites available which are giving free online facility for common users of the Internet.

Wildlife Information

According to Wikipedia wildlife photography is the act of taking photographs of wildlife. Wildlife photography can be classified as a form of nature photography, which involves the taking of outdoor pictures of various animals engaging in activities that has to do with fighting, eating, running etc.

Do You Have A Passion For People Photography?

Well, I'm sure you have a passion for photography and that's why you are reading this article. If you enjoy photographing events and love to take pictures of people have you ever considered photography as a career or even just a means to making some money on the side to pay for your hobby?

Get the Right Digital Camera Lens and Take Great Shots

Whether you're an old hat at photography or this is your first go around with a digital single lens reflex camera, you need a digital camera lens. Chances are, you'll actually need several. If you have no idea what the different lenses mean or are used for, read on.