Facebook Vs Fan Page - What"s the Difference?

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Is Social Networking Using Online Gaming the Future Business on the Internet?

Social Networking is the latest trend using the internet for people from many countries and cultures to interact and form relationships in the most economical and friendly environment. The use of online games and sites to promote Social Networking has led to the creation of Social Networks at Play (

What Are The 13 Top Benefits Why Businesses Should Use Twitter?

The Web is all a Twitter with Tweets. With what you might say? You know, being able to set up on the popular social networking and microblogging website Twitter.com. So what are the benefits to a business should you decide to set up an account on Twitter; or for that matter, should you set up an acc

Common Facebook Page Crimes Committed by Small Businesses

Facebook pages have become an integral part of most businesses' social media strategy. Posting too often, Commenting a lot, Using emoticons as a brand indicates immaturity and a non-professional attitude. Let fans answer fans' questions. Liking your own posts This mistake is also common be

SEO Tips: Global Trends In Social Media For 2013

Predicting the future is very difficult anyways; however, predicting the future global trends in terms of social media is even more of a challenge. Each year has brought on surprises, like Pinterest and its explosive growth during the last year, so we should be ready for some surprises. Nevertheless

Is Social Media the Hottest Thing in Sales Prospecting?

Whether you tweet, write on walls, get linked, or use any of the other various social media most small businesses, entrepreneurs, and SOHO's are asking themselves a couple important questions. Is the amount of time I invest on social websites producing a measurable return on my investment?

Getting The Best Of The New Facebook Profile

Facebook has made a few improvements to your profile and you'll like the changes that they have made. The new Facebook profile starts with a brand new introduction to you, for those visiting your Facebook page. It gives visitors an overview of your profile information including where you hail f

Using Social Media For Skip Tracing

Many collectors use social networks to find debtors, many debtors have public profile pages on social sites and a collector can find a mailing address, phone number, cell phone number, place of employment and other contact information by searching those sites.

The Facebook Ads Guide Review, Does it Work?

With over 400 million members, Facebook gets more traffic than Google. Facebook's database also breaks down its member base by location, age, sex, language, and a few other filters. Clearly, Facebook delivers two of the main ingredients for a successful ad campaign: a large base and targeted de

How to Control Twitter With Twhirl

Other than TweetDeck, the second most popular Twitter desktop client is Twhirl, at least at this time of writing. Twhirl is a great Twitter client that performs all the basic tweeting chores with ease, this program also shows off a couple of features that sweetens the program even more.

Five Habits of a Successful Social Media Marketer

This article is to help you know your way around business lingo, why marketing terms must be integrated and strong, importance of writing stories, inspiring and spearheading change and the importance of assessing and auditing your content. Using these techniques can help you greatly improve your soc

Using Social Networking to You Company's Advantage

If you have paid even the smallest amount of attention to emerging trends in online business marketing, then you have surely heard about social networking websites like Facebook. These sites' primary function is to keep people connected to the family, friends and coworkers in their lives. The i

The Key to Understanding Facebook for Online Marketing

Understanding Facebook can be quite daunting. The site does have a Help section but I find it next to useless unless you already know your way around. It is far too detailed, with not nearly enough basic information or guidance about how to use Facebook in the first place.

How to Use Facebook Marketing to Promote Your Business

With the way trends are going nowadays, it's easy to see social media taking over. What I mean by this are the websites with millions of people conversing back and forth day in and day out. One of the main websites getting popular attention would be Facebook. There are millions of people chitch

Twitter - How to Save Time on Twitter

Twitter, like other social networks, can take up a lot of your valuable work time - and sometimes your prime productivity hours. If you're an entrepreneur and you want to make the most of your time, money, and energy, you'll need to focus on maximizing your Twitter experience.

Reciprocal Benefits of Social Media Utilisation

The following article offers advice on the reciprocal benefits of businesses employing social media into their marketing strategies. The article will discuss some of the key reasons as to how social media can be beneficial to both the consumer and the business.