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It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without A Pantomime

A visit to the Pantomime is a longstanding Christmas tradition.Children and grown-ups alike love it, this peculiarly British way to celebrate the festive season.

Ideas for a Second Birthday

Second birthday game ideasteddy party image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.comPlanning a birthday party for a two-year-old is easier when adults understand the characteristics of this age group. Two-year-olds have short attention spans. They will play next to a group of children, but will...

How to Tie a Toga for a Woman

The toga has come to symbolize the ancient Greek society. The lengths of material wrapped around the body in varying fashions is popular at college parties and beyond in certain social circles. For women, coverage of the garment is usually the most important point when wrapping up for an event. Wear

Crafts for Birthday Parties

Crafts for birthday parties can be simple placemats or elaborate castles. Utilize the theme for the party to choose specific crafts. Consider the age and skills of the guests. Prepare the work area before guests arrive to streamline cleanup. Provide several options if the crafts are simple.

Great Gifts for Women Under $25

Gifts for women are plentiful and often easy to choose. However, finding gifts that are inexpensive can be difficult. When the object is to spend a small amount while still showing gratitude, thanks or celebration, the most important task is making sure that the gift is thoughtful and memorable.

Theme Ideas for Fundraisers

Choose a theme for your fundraiser that will result in your guests having so much fun they don't realize how much money they are donating. This will help your group raise as much money as possible, without making it see like a chore. Your guests will receive entertainment in exchange for...

Snake Eyes Costumes

With the release of the new GI Joe movie, the Snake Eyes character has become even more popular. Even though this GI Joe character dates back to it's introduction to the public from the pages of comic books, Snake Eyes and his nemesis Storm Shadow, are going to be some of the most popular costu

St. Patrick's Day Writing Activities

Leprechauns work well as a writing theme.leprechaun with a walking stick image by Maria Bell from Fotolia.comChannel the kids' excitement about St. Patrick's Day by using it as a theme for classroom writing assignments. Holiday-themed writing activities let the kids practice their writing...

How to Prevent Christmas Lights From Tripping When it Rains

Decorating the exterior of your home with colorful Christmas lights is one way to celebrate the holiday season. But outdoor Christmas lights might trip the circuit breaker when it rains. To ensure that this doesn't happen, you should use lights labeled for exterior use; however, if lights trip anyw

Special Things to Do on a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Plan a special day to celebrate your 25th silver wedding anniversary and commemorate your love and the milestone event of 25 years of marriage. It is your day, so choose to celebrate it however you and your significant other want, whether an intimate day for two or an elaborate party with your frien

Classic Halloween Costumes Design Ideas

For all the ladies who are planning to play mischievous and mysterious roles, there is no better Halloween costumes design idea than dressing up as a Fortune teller. Become a confidante and listen to problems of others, and then bless them with wisdom and make pompous prophecies. As the teller of fo

Chinese Restaurants in New Bedford, MA

Kung Pao Chickenkung pao chicken image by Kathy Burns from Fotolia.comNew Bedford sits midway between Providence and Barnstable Town, nestled along the coast of Buzzard's Bay. The city is known worldwide for its famous whaling era seaport and fishing port. This draws in visitors who enjoy...

The Gift of Believing

In this season of generosity my husband and I have received a most precious gift.Our fifth-grade daughter still believes in Santa Claus.Yes, I've done my best to perpetuate the legend without going overboard, and to accentuate the importance of giving rather than receiving during the holiday se

Mother's Day - A Special Day To Say Thank You

Mother's Day is the perfect day to say thank you. Don't leave the words to a store bought card and don't let a factory make your gift choice.It's a perfect time to make a memory and only you can do that.

Why Waste Time On Brochures? Head To Gran Canaria!

In this article I attempt to do just that, detailing the major attractions in the popular resort island of Gran Canaria. If these do not have you aching for your sombrero so I do not know what will!

Tips for Raising a Party Tent

Party tents provide shelter from the sun or rain for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions you want to celebrate in the great outdoors. When assembling your tent, make sure to keep it on a flat area and double check all pieces are secure before using it.Assembling the TopBefore...

Christmas Decorating!

It's that wonderful time of the year! When the smell of gingerbread fills the house, the tree is lit with sparkling and twinkling lights, and the stockings hanging from the mantle. The holiday season is the best time to use your art skills and creative talents to get into the Christmas spirit a