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Is Mickey Rourke playing Russian Roulette?

After scouring the web's many celebrity gossip sites it's still not one hundred percent clear which 24-year blond model was given a puppy from the actor Mickey Rourke, or whose paren

Extraterrestrial Robots Boldly Going

When you think of extraterrestrials, you probably think of ET, Mr. Spock, Klaatu, Yoda, Klingons and Romulans, the Blob, Martians with heat rays, Alien vs. Predator, the Sontarans, or perhaps the 'Gre

Memorial Day 2009 - How About a New Meaning?

I am not diminishing the dead's courage, bravery, sacrifice or valor. I do not minimize their love of country, love of liberty and sense of duty.What I am saying is that the reasons that they died do not stand scrutiny. The reasons they were deployed outside our shores were illegitimate and fou

Ecopatches - New Concept for Ecological Conservation

The concept of "ECOPATCHES" aims to conserve the precious ecology of our globe through local efforts at all cities, towns and villages by designating an area and regenerating the lost or existing ecology by way of supplementing with native vegetation , flora and fauna with the native soil.

Pleasure and Pain at Christmas

Not everybody's Christmases have been gilt-edged. And yet not everybody's Christmases have been etched in pain. But there is pain, and reminders of pain, for many. It is for those in pain at this time of year that Christ seeks to come; into the heart, to be accepted, such that this Saviour

Do Low Dopamine Segments of Our Population Self Segregate?

Have you ever wondered why many people in our society seemed to be turned off? They don't seem to have any get up and go, motivation, and have very low self-esteem. They just want to get by, they aren't looking to be successful, accomplish anything, or get rich.

Did We The People Vote For Austerity?

Reaching in my pocket, I just gotta stop it, don't they got a lot of nerve? (Things I Do For You - The Jacksons) - that's Austerity for you.

The Perfect Keepsake Gift

Everybody likes to have something they can treasure, and cubic zirconia pendants act as the perfect keepsake gifts. This article shows you why jewellery is the most popular type of keepsake gift.

Rehabilitating Feminism As a Concept

For some reason it is very rare to see the major issues I face as a woman reflected in the mainstream media. I find this quite sad, given that the feminist movement - which dates from Mary Wollstonecraft's 1792 Vindication of the Rights of Women - is over 200 years old.

The Retreating of Rhetoric to Reunite Radicals of Religion

The Iranian Military claims to have underwater torpedoes that go 600 mph and fifth generation stealth aircraft and all sorts of things. The Iranians have been amassing a million-man army full of ego, pride and nationalism to die in battle and many have been trained for suicide squads. Now both Iran

Car Thieves at Dealerships

It seems the effects of these trying economic times know no bounds. People are resorting to even more illegal activities and theft is on the rise. In particular, car theft seems to be the most attractive for the desperate because of its street value.

The Pros Of Using Solar Passive Energy

Passive solar energy is the sun's energy accepted without resistance...or assistance.Passive solar energy requires no moving parts.Although fans are sometimes used in passive solar homes for even distribution of the air, they're not required.Nor are pumps, mechanical or other electrical el