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Keys to Hitting Irons Precisely

Being able to precisely hit irons could very well be the difference in having a good or bad round. Mastering the right stroke for irons is key as they are important during long shots out ...

The Only Martial Arts Vitamin Supplies You Need

There is no substitute for eating real, healthy food. But in the modern, fast-paced and stressful world we live in, sometimes it's hard to make sure we're getting all the nutrients we need. And seeing that consistently getting proper amounts of nutrition into our system is an absolute nece

Use Meta Tags For Better Lookup Engine Rankings

Deciding on killer keywords that will genuinely help acquire realistic positioning on search engines requires persistence and a practical information of how lookup engines "see" and react to the facts you choose to publish on ...

Review of The One Pan Galley Gourmet

Cooking healthy and tasty meals while cruising on a small boat involves some challenges. Authors Don Jacobson and John Roberts have developed a wide range of simple, interesting recipes using fresh ingredients but needing only limited galley room and utensils.

5 Ways Running Makes You Smarter

Most people understand the physical benefits of exercise. It improves your cardiovascular health, can help prevent diabetes and helps to control your weight. But, did you know that running can actually make you smarter? Read on.

Training Girls to Play Football

Every year a lot of children begin their life in learning football. It is a kind of sports popularizes around the world. Not only boys play it, but also numerous girls. Therefore, a skilled coach ...

Baseball - The Love of the Game

I have always had a fondness for the game of baseball. As a kid, I played Little League but also carried my glove and bat with me just about everywhere for a quick pickup game whether it was before or after school, or during recess.

The Six Best Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Trail Camera

This article discusses six tips to help you get the most out of your trail camera. Don't miss those important shots! A big buck may be in the area and you won't know it if your trail camera isn't setup properly.

FBR Open Preview

FBR OPEN It must be a mighty relief for the rest of the PGA Tour when Woods heads off to the Middle East. Chances to contend, let alone win, in the big events are becoming ...

Here Comes the March Madness

We all look forward to March Madness, whether its the office pool or some website's chance at a million dollars with a near perfect bracket. We doubt that we will actually achieve a near perfect bracket but it's an exciting roller coaster none the less.

2006 Preakness Contenders

Info about all the horses currently scheduled to enter the 2006 Preakness Stakes at Pimlico, second jewel of the Triple Crown.

Bumps For Boomers

Bumps For Boomers is an innovative and popular clinic at Aspen Mountain, Colorado that is designed to teach the so called Baby Boomers and senior skiers the skills necessary to ski moguls and to ski powder. Joe Nevin, founder and coach of Bumps For Boomers is a dedicated, skis-on-the-snow instructor