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Setting the Giving Boundaries

We want passionate and involved donors. However, we want them to stay out of the day-to-day management of the organization. How do we manage that?

How to Become a Mastercard Stockholder

Are you looking to cash in on MasterCard stock? Trading stock is much easier than it sounds. Knowing what company you wish to invest in is the most difficult part, so by narrowing your choice down to MasterCard stock previously, now you just need to begin the trading process.

Best Stock Message Boards on the Internet

With all the stock message boards out there, which is the best stock forum to choose from? Ideally, we want to target stock forums that provide quality and have other investors that we can debate ...

Is Investing In Stocks Or Real Estate A Bigger Gamble For Your Future?

In today's economy there's a hefty debate between investors, the battle is between stock and real estate. Although traditionally through the companies they work for Americans are typically forced, if not penalized if they do not invest in stocks. Let's take a look at the alternative,

Stock Options Vs. Shares

Common stock is one of the most popular vehicles for private and institutional investment. Options contracts are also frequently used investment vehicles. But while most people have heard of these terms, many do not fully realize what they mean or the relationship between these types of securities.

Stock Broker Or Stock Analyst - What's The Difference?

Depending on what type of investing you plan to do, you might need to hire a broker to handle your investments.Brokers work for brokerage houses and have the ability to buy and sell stock on the stock exchange. You may wonder if you really need a broker. If you intend to buy or sell stocks on the st

Lower Oil Prices: The Inflection Point

As you might be observing, oil prices have fallen over the past three months. Recently Goldman Sachs has slashed its 2015 Brent oil price forecasts to $85 per barrel for March 2015. Talking about the ...

Bonds vs. Equities in a Portfolio

You can hold a wide variety of different investment vehicles within your portfolio, including equities and bonds. Both of these investment types expose you to a degree of risk since neither equities nor bonds are protected by the kind of federal insurance that safeguards the money you deposit into y

What Qualifies as a Tax-Free Weekend in Texas?

Different levels of government use various forms of taxation to generate revenue for their operation. The primary source of revenue for the federal government is the federal income tax. State governments typically rely on a combination of sales taxes and state income taxes. Texas is one of the few s

NRI Mutual Fund to Save Your Own Money

As an NRI, you should be looking for striking savings opportunities in Indian banks, which nowadays is one of the world's best rising financial systems. And nowaday's mutual fund has turned into a familiar name with a growing number of people endowing their money to increase from top perfo

Definition of Marginal Rate of Return

Companies remain profitable and grow by taking on projects; these projects may involve the addition or upgrading of equipment, a new product/service offering, a new niche market or even just a new way of doing things. As these projects are brought up, it becomes necessary to evaluate the acceptabili

Eye Catching Small Cap Stocks On Monday

Growlife Inc (OTC: PHOT) traded with the opening price of $0.05 and at the end of the trading day closed at $0.0440. The stock traded with volume of 3.74 million shares and its average trading capacity remained 4.09 million shares. PHOT decreased -10.20% on November 26, 2012 trade. PHOT has released

Are Earnings the Encore?

Encore? The markets gained more than 4% last week and now face the challenge of moving above the September high. What is the catalyst? You guessed it, earnings. Give me an "E"... Disappointments will receive ...

Define Junk Bonds

Junk bonds are the high-yield alternative of the bond investing world. Although the term has negative connotations, junk bonds are a significant part of fixed income markets and offer unique opportunities to investors. Someone looking at the high yields offered by junk bonds must also be aware of th

Pump-And-Dump Frauds and Penny Stocks

Described in this article is the Pump-and-Dump Scheme, a fraudulent type of stock promotion activity that every speculator in penny stocks should be aware of. Even though such swindles are well-known and publicized, the extensive hype of near worthless stock issues still lures naive and gullible peo

The Impact of Becoming a Component of an Index

Although most companies want to be listed on the S&P500 as a component because it gives the firm huge status and exposure, becoming a component stock in one of the top 5 indexes is not necessarily a good thing for the stock price. Prior to being a component the stock is evaluated for its company&apo

Define Money Market Transaction

Money market transactions are an important part of the global credit and financial system. They refer to the buying and selling of short-term financial instruments. These transactions involve Treasury bills, commercial paper, Eurodollars, certificates of deposits and other securities with a maturity