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How to Use a Crab Line

Many people use crab baskets and traps to catch crabs, but learning to use a crab line can bring some fun and adventure back to harvesting those tasty critters. Crabbing is a family-friendly activity that even the youngest in your party can accomplish. The old-fashioned technique of using a crab lin

How to Repair the Bent Tips of Bamboo Rods

Bamboo makes a great fishing pole that will last for years if it receives the proper care. Sometimes bamboo rod tips can become bent. This usually occurs due to poor storage or heavy fishing. The rod tip can be corrected, but you must take time and apply as little heat and pressure as possible while

Muskie Tips & Lures

Muskie will bite on any size lure.Fishing image by Antonio Oquias from Fotolia.comThe Muskie, also known as Musky or Muskellunge, has a reputation for being difficult to catch. This is in part due to their size, they are the biggest freshwater predatory fish. According to Indian Point...

Summer Fishing for Small Mouth Bass in Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a province blessed with thousands of lakes and rivers, each of which is brimming with enough fish to satisfy the army of anglers who descend upon the waters with the official opening of each fishing season. Smallmouth bass is a much sought after fish in Ontario's waters and many consider

How to Tie Trot Line Hooks

Fishing is a popular recreational sport in many parts of the country. Many people fish with a standard rod and reel, although trot line fishing is growing in popularity. A trot line is a vertical fishing line with a number of hooks that is baited and dropped in the water, allowing the fisherman to c

Fishing Season in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are 4,230 miles of rivers, over 1,100 lakes and ponds and 1,980 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline. Assigned and enforced by the state's Division of Marine Fisheries, the commonwealth's various fishing seasons depend on the species of fish, the locations of conservation areas,

Hunting in Pennsylvania

Hunting is embedded in human nature. Whether hunting for survival or for the thrill of the kill, the sport can be enjoyed by all. Through the centuries hunting has evolved in many ways, from advances in weaponry to gaming regulations and requirements. Before planning your Pennsylvania hunting excurs

How to Make Bomber Lures

Bomber brand lures are available in a line of hard plastic crankbaits designed to dive to various positions along the water column in both fresh and saltwater, based on their design. Bomber lures are widely available for purchase from various sporting good and tackle shops. However, many anglers pre

Fish Farming - Advantages and Disadvantages

Fish farming has been a booming industry over the past few decades. Harvested fish is low-cost and is available all round the year. It is also fresher than those netted at sea since it takes ...

Dall Sheep Hunting in Texas

Dall sheep are one of the dozens of species available for hunting in the state of Texas. The rams are prized for their impressive horns and value as trophies.

How to Set Up for Bow Fishing

Bow fishing is an exciting way to fish for those of you who don't like sitting in boats and waiting for something to happen. It's an exciting and athletic sport that lets you seek out the fish and take them down instead of tricking them into taking your bait. Bow fishing is legal in most states, but

How to Hook a Pinfish

Attract a variety of larger game fish by using pinfish as bait. Pinfish are small fish that range from 4 to 6 inches in length. They are easily found from spring to late fall in schools throughout shallow inshore waters. They also congregate in sea grass beds, piers, bridges and reefs. Pinfish have

Key Biscayne Charter Boat - Be Breathless In Joy

Enough of wasting time and energy do something interesting this summer give your excursion some adrenalin thrust, try our finest Key Biscayne charter boat and immerse in wild joy in sport fishing. There are myriad ...

Pennsylvania Boater Safety

Boating courses can be taken by individuals or entire families to learn about safety when on the water. A safety certificate is required by all Pennsylvania boat operators, including those who are not residents of the state. The certificate is issued by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. How

DIY: Fishing Pole Holder

A shore fisherman's toolbox isn't complete without a few pole holders to keep their rods and reels out of the sand, dirt and grass. Pole holders allow you to set and watch two or more fishing poles while keeping your hands free. Pole holders can be purchased at most sporting goods stores, but with a

DIY 10-Gallon Aquarium Refugium

Refugiums contribute to the health and well-being of your separate fresh or salt water aquarium. They promote oxygenation and provide a place to keep plants or live rocks to help turn ammonia into nitrites and nitrates. You can also keep smaller organisms in a refugium so they won't be eaten by the

Best fishing charters and tours to rejuvenate you

A repetitive routine can be one of the most annoying things for anyone. With options of so many recreational activities, there is a limited chance one can feel monotonous. There is no dearth of choices ...

Ecological Importance of a Hermit Crab

Although best known for being popular pets and a common site on the beaches in the Eastern United States in the summer, hermit crabs also play an important role in ecology. They are scavengers, food sources for other animals and are used by scientists and researchers studying the effects of pollutio

Saltwater Fishing Facts

Saltwater fishing is a popular recreational and commercial activity. It can be done from a beach, a pier, off rocks or from a water vessel such as a rowboat or ship. It is also commonly referred to as angling, a method of fishing using a fish hook (angle) attached to a fishing line and fishing rod.

What Is the Rod Loop for on a Fishing Shirt?

A rod loop on a fishing shirt is is usually found above the pocket on the left side of the shirt. The loop may be sewn in permanently or can be opened on one side by a piece of velcro. It is primarily designed to hold a fishing rod, but can be used for other purposes.