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Hand Writing Recognition on an Android

Using a device with the Android operating system gives you the opportunity to download applications, surf the Web and even write notes. With handwriting recognition, it is also possible to input text into documents on your Android without having to use the keyboard. Handwriting recognition is desira

Getting Started With Wills and Estate Planning

No matter how much money you have it is important to have a basic estate plan to protect your family and your assets after your death. An estate plan can be as simple as a last will and testament to extremely detailed to contain a power of attorney, a living will and even a trust. We'll cover e

What Is a Will Executor?

Every Last Will and Testament names an individual or entity to serve as excecutor of the estate once the maker of the will passes on. Sometimes a relative, sometimes a friend of the family, anyone over the age of 18 and not convicted of a felony can fill the role. The executor has very real and sign

How to Find Zelda in Ganon's Tower

The final confrontation in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" takes place in Ganon's Tower. After you retrieve all six Spirit Medallions, you return to the Temple of Time, where Sheik/Princess Zelda is waiting for you. She explains the legend of the Triforce, specifically that you are the holde

How to Write Erotica

Whether you'd like to pen a "dirty" story or poem for personal use or for public consumption, writing erotica for the first time can be intimidating. It really just requires an open mind, the willingness to self-edit and an active imagination and/or a wealth of personal sexual experiences to draw fr

What Happens to a Retirement Account When the Owner Dies?

If your loved one has died and you're the beneficiary of a retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k), then you'll need to understand the tax consequences of inheriting the retirement account. The results will be very different if you're a surviving spouse or not. Page 2.

A Probate Primer

One of the most misunderstood concepts of Florida law to the layman is the probate process. Many persons are named as personal representatives in their parent's, other family member's or friend's wills without knowing what the job entails. As a result the probate process is often fear

Financial Planning and Elder Law - The Importance of Creating Your Living Will

More than a decade ago, the public became aware of a young woman named Terry Schiavo who had suffered cardiac arrest and a subsequent vegetative state. The question of her fate was debated in courts for years. Because Schiavo did not have a living will or similar document in place, family argued ove

How to Create a BBM Group

BlackBerry Messenger groups allow you to group your BBM contacts together and share messages. Instead of sending a message to each contact individually, you can send a single message to the entire group. You can also send pictures and chat with different group members. Before you can assign members

What Are the Legal Powers of an Executor Relative to a Will?

Everyone should have a will, and that document must name an executor who is the person entrusted to carry out the terms of the will. Because the task may be burdensome, the executor must agree to this assignment while the person making the will is still alive. The executor is responsible for seeing

Who Inherits When There's No Will in Iowa?

When someone dies without a will in Iowa, the intestacy laws found in the Iowa Probate Code will dictate who will inherit the deceased person's estate. Here you will find a summary of the laws of intestacy succession in Iowa.

How to Make a Living Will in Kansas

In the event that you can become medically incapacitated, you may want to be prepared by drawing up a living will. A living will is a written statement of how you want or do not want to be medically treated in the event that you cannot make your wishes known anymore. A living will can help if your m

State Laws for Computer Crimes in Hawaii

Hawaii computer crimes are codified in Section 708-890 of the Hawaii Code. The Code lists crimes such as computer fraud, computer damage, use of a computer to commit a crime and unauthorized computer access. Many Hawaii computer crimes carry felony penalties, while others are misdemeanors.

How to Create a Festival Pageant

A festival provides you with a prime location for a pageant because it already has a high volume of guests coming, which helps ensure a lot of attention to your event. Planning a pageant alone is no simple task, so enlist your friends who are passionate about the project to help you. Splitting up th

How do I Look Up Living Trusts in Edmond, Oklahoma?

In the state of Oklahoma, anyone can set up a living trust to separate legal ownership of property (insurance policy, real estate, an so on) from the person who creates the trust (trustor). A living trust is typically set up to protect the assets from tax liability, to determine who the assets go to

Statutory Wills For People Who Lack Mental Capacity

We've all heard of the declaration "being of sound mind". Essentially this means that, in the context of making a Will, you must have the necessary mental capacity to fully appreciate the importance and legally binding nature of the document. But what if it's a bit late?

If I Don't Have a Will, Will My Property Go to the State?

There is a belief among many people that, if you die without a will, all your property will be taken by the state.Although it's possible that your property could go to the state if you die without a will, it's highly unlikely. Here's why.

2013 State Death Tax Exemption and Top Tax Rate Chart

Currently only a handful of states and the District of Columbia collect a state estate tax and/or a state inheritance tax. Here you'll find a chart that lists the current estate tax or inheritance tax exemptions and the current top tax rates.

Probate Inheritance Can Be Sold For Cash

Probate inheritance refers to financial assets and personal belongings bequeathed to beneficiaries through death. Oftentimes, these gifts are designated through the decedent's Last Will and Testament. When no Will exists, assets must be distributed according to probate laws.