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All Alone - No

The Psalmist David Lee Roth once sang, "I ain't got nobody, nobody, nobody. I am so sad and lonely. Nobody cares for me..." Although it was just a song, so many folk feel this way.

Why People Don't Use What They Learn

Although everyone's brains are made up of similar anatomy and billions of cells, research over the years has indicted that there are literally trillions of neural connections that have recorded every memory, experience, thought, action and behavior during a person's life.Everything a perso

Body Wraps - What Are They And What Do They Do?

Body wraps are treatments that one can get when visiting a health spa, although home body wrap kits are also now readily available to buy. They are designed to eliminate toxins, relax and soothe the muscles, help with treating eczema, tighten and Hydrate the skin and slim and tone the body. Some peo

Emotions - The Secret to Using Your Emotions at Will

When you are feeling an emotion, it affects areas of your body differently.Everyone is unique. Some people feel anxiety in their body in ways that someone else might feel happiness or motivation. Some people feel anger with all the submodalities of someone else's fear...

Opposites Can Attract Online

When working with magnets you will quickly learn that polar opposites attract. This means that the negatively charged pole will be attracted to the positively charged pole and the two will connect together with very little user effort. The same rule applies with chemistry.

How I Increase My Metabolism - 4 Fat Burning Tricks

Are you wondering: how can I increase my metabolism? You realize that the key to burning fat the fastest way possible boils down to increasing your metabolic rate.This rate determines precisely how long it will take to lose the unwanted fat on your body.

Lose 11 Pounds in 11 Days - 3 Ways to Shed Those Extra Pounds

Is it possible to lose 11 pounds in 11 days? This may sound like a lot of weight to lose in a short period, but it can be done. With the correct balanced diet, and exercise regime, you can easily lose this amount of weight. Let's look at three ways of shedding those extra pounds, to make you fe

Sensible Solutions Of Cheat - Updated

The best way to prevent this cheating scenario would be to reconcile issues that arise in your relationship. Eating lots of cheat meals could slow along the effects you experience from the diet. Everyone knows women tend to be more social, so she can always tell she went out which has a friend but s

Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days - 9 Insider Tips To Help Reach Your Goal

When it comes to weight loss it seems like everyone is looking for the fastest and easiest way possible to drop those extra pounds. It may be for a wedding or your high school or college reunion. For whatever reasons you are trying to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, you should also have a long term weight

Seven Quick Tips For Losing Weight

Do you want some quick tips to help you take off some weight? When I work individually with clients, we go over many weight-loss strategies. Here are seven of them.

The Fun Way To Lose Weight

The sad truth is that there are a ton of people out there that are overweight. This is a number that is growing by the day. This has to do with the fact that so ...

The Connection Between Child Obesity And Fitness

Our modern society is one that is, unfortunately, plagued by weight issues. Our poor diets fueled by convenience foods and our sedentary lifestyle exacerbated by computers and televisions, have spawned a culture that battles obesity more than ever. It should be no surprise, therefore, that our child

How to Deal With Frustrations and Stay Positive

This simple technique is a powerful way to change your moods instantly and stay positive. It is based on the principle that if you can change your physiology, you can change your thinking - the choice to stay in or get out of negative state is yours.

About the Eat to Live Diet Plan

Dr. Joel Fuhrman developed the Eat to Live diet plan for people who want to lose weight, live healthier lives as well as combat and prevent illnesses. The diet itself incorporates Dr. Fuhrman's formula along with other recommendations that can contribute to your overall health and to losing 20 pound

Hypnosis - Is It Helpful?

The word hypnosis brings different images to the minds for different people. Some people reject it while others are curious about it. The intention of hypnosis is to change your thought pattern and sometimes help to address the real cause of some problems.

Your Purpose in Life and How It Affects Your Future

Passion goes along hand in hand with a person's purpose in life because if not passion, what is going to drive you to be the best at your job? You can say you "need" to work to support your family, but that sort f drive doesn't necessarily make you happy, I don't want to say

Tension and Stress

Tension is what happens to our body when there is any demand for change -- whether or not that change is positive or negative. A great activator of body and mind, it is contagious and can impact everyone around us accordingly. Stress is a state of tension that's created when a person responds t