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Should I Get a Dog for My Autistic Child?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that autistic children benefit from having trained assistance dogs.child with dog image by Miguel Montero from Fotolia.comDogs Encourage InteractionOne of the main problems that autistic children face is with communication. They often find it hard to interact...

How to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet

Do you love animals, but hate having their hair stuck in your carpet? It can be one of the biggest nuisances of owning a dog or any other pet, and is sometimes a source of embarrassment for the owner. But it needn't be since removing animal hair can be done so easily.

Training Your Dogs Effectively

Nowadays, dog training becomes a very popular activity for pet lovers. It is not solely just for training dogs with bad habits and aggressive behaviors, but also to build a better relationship with the trainer and the dog. Dog training also is not just to train bad dogs, but also to train them to be

Dog Diarrhea: Why Does It Happen?

If you have ever owned a pet, you have undoubtedly encountered the dreaded dog diarrhea. Some pet owners are fortunate enough to get their pets outside and into the yard so that they can relieve themselves, while others find it sitting in the middle of their living room carpet when they wake up the

Roach Poison & Dogs

Roach poison is a commonly ingested canine toxin. The toxicity can vary depending upon which brand of roach poison you purchase and how it is administered. Most roach poisons are not strong enough to kill your dog, but some of the active ingredients can cause minor to serious adverse effects.

Common Dog Health Problems You Must Know About

Our dogs are not too different from us as they also get ill and have other health problems like us. If you want to keep your dog happy for a longer time, make sure that you keep a check on his health. There are a few common dog heath problems that you must know about. Read this to know all those ail

Dry Skin Care for a Shih Tzu Dog

Dry skin in shih tzu dogs can be caused by a number of conditions, including skin allergies, parasitic infections and bacterial infections. It's important to consult a veterinarian, who can diagnose the reason for your shih tzu's dry skin and prescribe medication. You can make changes at home, too,

How to Groom Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers, also known as Yorkies, are one of the most popular breeds of dogs according to the American Kennel Club registration statistics. They commonly have long blue and tan coats and are small in size. To keep their coats looking their best requires a lot of maintenance.

Medical Conditions of Chihuahua Dogs

The Chihuahua is a toy breed that originated in Mexico. The Chihuahua can have a long or short coat in a variety of solid or mixed colors. It has been recognized by the American Kennel Club for more than a hundred years. These popular little dogs are prone to a number of medical conditions.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Texas

Dogs often travel with their owners.girl with dog image by palms from Fotolia.comToday's pets take a prominent position in family life. Travelers take weekend trips and vacations, bringing along the family pet. Many are even reluctant to travel if they cannot bring their dog along....

Things Your Dog Loves

Your dog may not sit you down for a chat to explain what it loves, but you can ascertain its favorite activities and treats by its behavior and a general understanding of canine traits. Understanding a dog's likes and dislikes allows you to guide your relationship with your dog. You can use your kno

How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry Syndrome

Having two puppies in the same household is definitely a challenge for their owner especially when the second puppy has been brought in upon a significant period of time, because both pets are likely to experience sibling rivalry syndrome. Sibling rivalry appears as both puppies strive to reach supr

6 Tips For Successful Beagle Dog Training

Do you have a new beagle addition to your family? I think you made the right choice, as this breed is not only cute and cuddly but they have a gentle playful nature that is great for families. However, like any new puppy, manners must be learned and obedience is critical in beagle dog training.

How to Cure Pet Bad Breath

It's hard to cuddle with an animal that has bad breath. Getting too close causes us to inhale foul, unpleasant odors. There are many reasons why a pet may have bad breath, and taking a trip to the vet can help sort out what needs medical attention and what you can address yourself at home. Learning

Old English Mastiff Training Tips For a Slobbery Gentle Giant

Does your Old English Mastiff training seem be going nowhere? Are you intimidated him? Does your Mastiff pull you down the street when you go for a walk? Don't let this massive dog intimidate you. Here are a few tips to get you started with your Old English Master training.

Put A Leash On This Halloween

Halloween is approaching us once again, and it is not just for the kids anymore. Many people like to take their dogs with them when they go out trick or treating.

Dog's Problems - How to Avoid Problems With Re-Entry

I would like to make people aware of what can happen if they decide to return to their country of birth for whatever reason. For instance, have they gone through the correct procedures to enable them to take their dog back to the UK or any other country that expects certain precautions regarding the