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How to Fix a Text Size

You can find a plethora of different word processing software options. Word, Wordperfect, Works, Notepad and many other options exist. While all software has its own intricacies, a task such as changing the text size can be achieved in a relatively standard manner on any platform. Follow some basic

How to Decorate Google

The standard Google search engine page features the Google logo, or special occasional variations of that logo, on a white background. As of June 2010, however, Google users have been able to customize their Google search page by uploading a personal photo or choosing a photo from the image albums p

Why Validate Your HTML

By validating your HTML you are making sure that your web pages are standards compliant. Valid HTML will work on a wider variety of browsers. There are many benefits to writing valid HTML.

How to Use Firmware for the iPod Touch That Is Not a ZIP

Periodically Apple will release firmware updates for its devices that is meant to improve the functionality of the device. However, in the case of the iPod touch, some firmware updates may actually remove helpful features. You can download older versions of firmware from the Internet, but the file t

How to Make a Template With Gimp

Created in 1995, the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free and open source, layer-based, advanced bitmapped graphics editor for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. GIMP is designed for editing existing images, such as photographs, and creating images from scratch. Templates for common projects lik

How to Add a Tiger-Skin Pattern to a Background in GIMP

You can use GIMP to digitally design and create any number of backgrounds. Employ the Gradient Tool to create subtle color variations, and take advantage of one of the many marking tools to embellish the foreground. For example, you can use an orange gradient and black markings to create a tiger-ski

Host Websites With Advance Technology of WebAir

Host Websites with advance technology of WebAir Web technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and the traditional web hosting providers prove insufficient to accommodate these new technological advancements. Further, the data requirements of several ...